Hamaare Tumhare - DVD

Hamaare Tumhare - DVD
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Hamaare Tumhare - DVD

Director: Umesh Producer: F.C. Mehra Music: R.D. Burman Actor/Actresses: Sanjeev Kumar, Rakhee Gulzar, Amzad Khan, Mehmood, Asrani Subtitles: English

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All the items are official brand new. Synopsis: Widower Jairaj Verma lives with his four sons in a small apartment. Three of his sons are in their teens, while his youngest son is around 12 years. On the other hand there is Maya Sinha, a widow, who also lives in a small apartment with three children, two sons and a daughter, Komal, who is about to get married. Then rumors spread abound that Maya and Jairaj are having an affair, and this adversely affects Komal's marriage, leaving her angry and confused. Jairaj and Maya's attempts to pacify their respective children that they are husband and wife, is of no avail, as they are convinced that Maya and Jairaj are having an illicit affair. The only solution to end this dilemma is for Jairaj and Maya to get married, and live together as a family, but will their children and the community accept them as husband and wife?