Hanste Khelte - DVD

Hanste Khelte - DVD
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Hanste Khelte - DVD

Director: Dayanand Producer: Mohan Chitra Music: Govind Naresh Actor/Actresses: Mithun Chakravarty, Vijendra Ghatge, Rakesh Roshan, Zareena Wahab, Asha Sachdev, Raja Murad, Shreeram Lagoo Subtiltes: English

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All the items are official brand new. Synopsis: Three college students, more intent on having fun, being involved in college politics, than in their studies. On the brink of losing an election, they kidnap a fellow student and are rusticated. They try to threaten the college principal, who is later found dead. The trio, are arrested. The only witness to the murder is the principal’s mentally deranged daughter. Have they committed the murder? Is it a prank, carried too far? Or is there something or someone behind the crime?