Maruti Mera Dost - DVD

Maruti Mera Dost - DVD
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Maruti - DVD

Director:Manikya Raju

Producer: Abhimanyu Singh

Music: Kartik Shah

Lyrics:Subrat Sinha

Starring:Chandrachur Singh, Samiksha, Ritika Shrivastava

Sub Titles in: English

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Rameshwari, an eight-year-old, lives in a palatial house with her doting father [Chandrachur Singh], stepmom and the stepmom's mother [Sushmita Mukherjee]. Kokoi aka the stepmom's mother has come to the palace with the evil intention of inheriting the wealth. Kokoi tries every trick in the book to harm Rameshwari. She uses black magic and the evil monstrous Tantrik Bhakshu [Murli Sharma], who has devils and spirits as his pets. She uses her brother, a murder convict Sadhu Pahalwan [Shahbaaz Khan], but in vain. Unknown to them, Maruti [Erik Nanda] is Rameshwari's saviour and they all have to contend with and face him.