Kaashh... Mere Hote - DVD

Kaashh... Mere Hote - DVD
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Kaashh... Mere Hote - DVD

Director: B H Tharun Kumar

Producer:Shravan Kumar

Music: Sanjeev, Darshan

Lyrics:Labh Jajua, Sameer, Satyaprakash

Starring: Kumar Sahil, Sneha Ullal

Sub Titles in: English

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Kaashh...Mere Hote! is a musical thriller film, with the main storyline of the film being teenage attraction is not love and infatuation is only one sided of it. Krish Kapoor (Kumar Saahil) is a well known fashion photographer, who is in love with his wife Radhika (Sneha Ullal). The duo together make up a very happy couple. While Radhika works in a departmental store, Krish gets an assignment to shoot in Mauritius for a magazine. For this, he shoots on the beaches and roads of Mauritius, where Piya (Sana Khan) first sees him and falls in love. Later on, Krish gets Karnal Batra's (Rajesh Khanna) bungalow on rent for a few months. Knowing this makes Piya always want to meet him and stay with him. For Piya, it is the perfect opportunity to seduce him, while she tells her romantic angle to all her friends in college. Her ultimate goal is that she wants to make love with him in her dreams. However her conviction is so great that Piya will kill everyone and anyone who will come in her way of love. If that's not all, she will also resort to black magic to get her love. Not much later one after another murders begin to occur in town. And this case is given to be solved by I.G. Danda (Johnny Lever), who is, as usual, a very funny character in the film. What will be climax of the film? Will Piya get her one sided love?