Kabhi Na Kabhi - DVD

Kabhi Na Kabhi - DVD
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Kabhi Na Kabhi - DVD

Director: Priyadarshan

Starring: Anil Kapoor, Jakie Shroff, Pooja Bhatt

Sub Titles in:English

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Kachra Seth is a drug lord. Jaggu, one of his recruits will do anything for a price. When Jagguís mom is hospitalized, he asks Kachra for money. Instead, he is assigned a task and unable to complete it he is arrested with the help of a librarian and is found guilty and sent to prison. When Jaggu returns he finds his place taken by Raja. Furious, he kills the librarian, unaware that the librarian is none other than Rajaís dad, and Raja has sworn to hunt down his dadís killer, no matter what.