Sajna Saath Nibhana - DVD

Sajna Saath Nibhana - DVD
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Sajna Saath Nibhana - DVD

Director: Jwalamukhi

Music: Jagdish J.

Actor/Actress: Nutan, Pradeep kumar, Satyen kapp, Master Pinky, Baby Anjuman, Dharmendra, Neelu

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After fifteen years Rana couple was bestowed with a lovely daughter –Neelu, but she was born abnormal, she didn’t cried. The doctors advised Rana couple to make her cry, but were unsuccessful. Neelu had a playmate named Shekar, the adopted son of the gardener Jumman. When Shekar wanted to become a doctor, Neelu was busy for the welfare of the people in Bastee. She use to sometimes get a headache, which she use to treat with a pain killers. One day Shekhar comes to inform her of his passing the M.B.B.S. Exam. They fall in love with each other & they want to get married. Rana disagrees, but Neelu’s mother however convinces him.On the wedding Neelu gets a severe pain in her head. She is hospitalised. They discover that she has an eye-tumour. A surgeon Dr. Dharamveer declared that she is beyond any treatment & the death was the only treatment left for her. Neelu’s mother lost her mental balance. Neelu’s begs for her death. Rana tells the doctor to kill her but Dr. Dharamveer refuses to do that & tells them to pray to the Almighty for her death. Neelu convinces Shekhar as she believed that love never dies. Everybody prays for her death & she ultimately dies & tears rolled down her cheeks, seeing this her mother thought that she is improving. Shekhar was also not seen. Dr. Kuldip had come down to attend the sick old wife of late Rana. She was holding the last breath to meet her daughter who had died 20 years before. He came across a photograph of her dead daughter & was stunned as he knows a girl of the same appearance & name. Jumman narrated the whole story. To fulfil the desire of old sick lady Dr. Kuldip convinced & brought down his friend Shekhar & his wife Neelu to meet her. Seeing Neelu the lady took her to be her own daughter without realising the fact. Jumman watches the scene & realise that his Shekhar & Neelu are united in the next birth. So really LOVE NEVER DIES.