Runway - DVD

Runway - DVD
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Runway - DVD

Director: Sunil Tiwari

Producer: Reeta J Shukla

Music: Shamir Tandon

Lyrics: Shabbir Ahmed

Starring: Amarjeet Shukla, Tulip Joshi, Lucky Ali, Deepal Shaw

Sub Titles in: English

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Synopsis: Allan is a twenty two year old dashing young man who becomes a contract killer to save his love Melvyna. Melvyna worked in a Next Gallery and had unfortunately fallen prey to drug addiction and was now battling for life getting treated for drug addiction and other complications which had raised their ugly head due to prolonged drug abuse. Allan wants her to live & see the better part of life he wants to save her at any cost so to arrange quick money for her treatment he takes the contract of killing the billionaire casino owner Victor. And then the mystery continues... WHAT IS THE MYSTERY? WHO IS THE MASTERMIND? WHAT HAPPENS TO ALLEN????