Raaj kumar - DVD(Shammi Kapoor)

Raaj kumar - DVD(Shammi Kapoor)
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Raaj Kumar - DVD

Starring/Cast: Achala Sachdev, Manorama, Om Prakash, Pran, Prithviraj Kapoor, Rajendranath, Sadhana, Shammi Kapoor

Director: K Shankar

Subtitles : English

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The crown prince Rajkumar returns from abroad after completing his studies. While the king prepares to celebrate the occasion, the commander Narpath Singh conspires with the princeís stepmother, who is his own sister, to kill the prince. Narpath Singh wants power, is alarmed that Rajkumarís cornation will means his defeat. The assassination plot however leaks out to Rajkumar in time and he tires to counter it in his own way. Feigning to be a half-wit, he comes clawing in the durbar. Narpath Singh even shoots him, but Rajkumar escapes. Narpath then kills a leading tribal chieftain and implicates Rajkumar. As required by custom, Sangita the chieftainís daughter has to avenge her fatherís death. But Rajkumar meets her while in disguise of a villager and they fall in love. Rajkumar stages a triumphant entry into the durbar, but is arrested by the commander who has also imprisoned the king. Narpath then asks Sangita to avenge her father by killing Rajkumar.