Mere hamdam mere dost - DVD

Mere hamdam mere dost - DVD
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Mere hamdam mere dost - DVD

Director: Amar kumar

Producer: Kewal kumar

Lyrics: Majrooh sultanpuri

Music: Laxmikant pyarelal

Staring: Dhamendra, Sharmila Tagore, Mumtaz, Om prakash, Rehman and others

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Synopsis :

Sunil (Dharmendra) meets Anita (Sharmila) and Anita fall in love with her. He is under the impression that Anita is a poor girl, and although she is very rich she hides this fact from him until one day Sunil comes to know about it. This annoys him. On the other hand he also comes to know that it was Anita’s father Hariram who had killed his father and what is now in jail. On his release he is murdered by Ajit and the blame comes on Sunil. Did Sunil accept Anita daughter of Hariram who had killed his father? Did Sunil forgive Anita for the game she played with him. How did Sunil prove that he had not killed Anita’s father on his release from jail.

Song selection

Naa jaa kahin ab naa jaa

Chalo sajna jahaan tak ghara

Allah ye ada kaii hai

Chhalkaaye jaam aaiye

Hui shaam unka

Khayaal aa gaya

Humne to kiya hai pyar

Hamein to ho gaya

Hai pyaar