Swami - DVD

Swami - DVD
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Swami - DVD

Director: Basu Chatterjee

Actor/ Actress: Girish kanard, Shabana Azmi

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Mini and Narendra are in love. Miniís uncle is aware of their love. However, to satisfy Miniís mother, he goes to look Ghanshyam as a prospective groom for Mini. But on the way home he gets a heart attack. Before he dies, he whispers to Mini that although she may love Narendra, Ghanshyam will make a better husband. Mini writes to Narendra in Calcutta, asking him to return and take her away before any further development. He does not put in an appearance, and mini resigns herself to her fate and is married off to Ghanshyam. In her new home, mini cannot help noticing that although Ghanshyam is the eldest and the family bread winner, he is treated less in comparison to his step brother and sister. She remains unmoved, for she has not shared her husband's bed and prefers to sleep on the hard floor. One day Narendra unexpectedly arrives at the house as a guest. Mini does not appear before him, but things take a different turn when the step mother catches Mini and Narendra in what appears to be a compromising position. The step mother calls her a wanton woman and even bars her entry into the kitchen. Mini strongly retaliates and is disgusted when Ghanshyam asks her to apologize to his step mother, although Ghanshyam does believe that Mini has done nothing wrong. Mini leaves the house with Narendra, but at the railway station she gradually realizes the enormity of her action. She wishes to return to her husband, but Narendra argues that her husband will no longer accept her. Mini has to make a choice. Miniís choice is the climax of this classic movie now remade into a bollywood hit, Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam.