Raincoat - DVD

Raincoat - DVD
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Raincoat - DVD


Rituparno Ghosh Producer:

Shree Venkatesh Films Music:

Debojyoti Misra Starring:

Ajay Devgan, Aishwarya Rai, Sameer Dharmadhikari, Mouli Ganguly Sub Titles in:


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All he wanted was to see her just once. Manu [Ajay Devgan] was from a village in the backwoods. Neeru [Aishwarya Rai] was the girl next door, his lost love. No one supported him in his desire, neither his family, nor his friends. After all, she was the woman who had broken his heart and married for money when all he had to offer were his dreams. He came from his small village to the big city of Kolkata with hope in his heart. His pockets were empty and he was desperate for employment. He found his way to her house on a wet afternoon in a borrowed raincoat. She met him draped in silk, and shrouded by darkness in a strange gloomy house crowded with furniture. There in the dark, hidden from the world by the rain, the two relived their past. His eyes expressed pain; hers' an inexplicable language. They talked and talked and yet said nothing. RAINCOAT is a story of how love can hold out despite all odds rising to surprising acts of selflessness. Of how one afternoon can prove to be greater than a lifetime.