Sunny - DVD

Sunny - DVD
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Sunny - DVD

Director: T.K Desai

Lyrics: Anand Bakshi

Music: R. D. Burman

Actor/ Actress: Sunny Deol, Amrita Singh

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Indrajeet, a happily mariied business tycoon falls in love with Sitara. After the sudden death of Indrajeet, his wife Gayatri discover that Sitara and Indrajeet were in love with each other and she is Expectiong Inder's child. Sunny is born and he is taken away by Gyatri, since she didnot have a child of her own who could be the legal heir to Inder's wealth. Years later, Sunny like his father , love music and falls in love with Amrita, who is ono other than his own mother Sitara's neice.