Sanam teri Kasam - DVD

Sanam teri Kasam - DVD
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Sanam Teri Kasam

Director: Narender Bedi

Music: R.D. Burman

Dialogues: Kader khan

Actor/ Actress: Kamal Hasan, Reena Roy

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Ramlal (Kader Khan) lives in a poor neighborhood along with his wife Sudha (Seema) and young son Sunil. Ramlal is mistakenly involved in a gambling brawl which results in the murder of a man at his hands. Ramlal convinces his wife of his innocence, and assures her that the moment he succeeds collecting evidence to prove his innocence to the authorities, he would come to take her away. Fugitive from law, he boards into a passenger train and bumps into a passenger who is breathing his last due to a massive heart attack. The passenger hands him his wealth and his young daughter Nisha. In the course of time, he establishes himself as a big businessman of Simla and is well known as Seth Manoharlal. Nisha (Reena Roy) comes of age. She goes to Bombay to take part in a youth festival, and happens to meet a lively young man (Sunil) a pop singer popularly known as Sunny. Their initial innocent flirtatious encounters continued on way back to Simla. But on reaching Simla, Sunny goes to the shock of his life when he learns that his prospective employer, Seth Manoharlal is Nisha's uncle. Destiny brings Wilson and his son Robinson (Ranjit) to Simla. He informs Seth Manoharlal that his lost son Sunil is with him. Wilson bluffs Manoharlal by presenting his son Robinson as Sunil. Wilson's plan is that his son should marry Nisha and become a millionaire. But Sunny becomes the main hurdle since Nisha is in love with Sunny. Wilson hits upon another scheme: with the help of his son Robinson, he involves Sunny in the murder of Reeta (Mala Jaggi) and gets him arrested. Now the decks are clear and Nisha is misinformed that Reeta is carrying Sunny's child and his game is to grab all her wealth under the pretext of love.