Faulad - DVD

Faulad - DVD
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Faulad - DVD

Producer: Vinod Doshi

Director: Mohd. Husain

Music: G.S. kohli

Lyrics: Faruk Kaiser and Anjaan

Staring: Dara Singh, Mumtaz, Mini Mumtaz and others

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The king orders the salughter of all infants just because the court Asrtologer had predicted that commoner will marry his daughter and be the cause of trouble to him. A frightened mother puts her infant son in a basket and leaves it in the course of a river. The infant as her son calling him Amar( Dara Singh). Years later, Amar grous ip into a handsome and strong man. One day he saves the Princess(Mumtaz) from the fatal accident. Both fall in love. This is frowned upon by his chief minister who has cast his evil eye on beautiul princess and kingdom as well... Will Amar suceed saving his love and Princess?? will the court Astrologer's prediction come true?