Durga / Shakuntala - DVD

Durga / Shakuntala - DVD
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Durga / Shakuntala - DVD

Subtitle: English

Animated stories

Additional feature: Bonus stories

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The heaven has been conquered by the evil demon Mahishasur, who is protected by a boon, that no man will ever be able to slay him. Under the protection of this boon, Mahishasur tortures and plunders heaven and earth and drives the gods out of heaven. The harassed gods approach Brahma, Vishnui and Shiva to save them from the terrors of Mahishasur. Thus all the powers of the universe come together to create a Female "Shakti", a power that will slay Mahishasur and put the end to his sins.


Shakuntala is written by the Great Indian Poet and Playwriter Kalidasa. It is a story of the daughter of Menaka( the heavenly nymph), who is raised in the forest by sage kanva, she meets king Dushyanyt and fall in love. But curse from Sage Durvasa, makes the king forget his beloved wife. Shakuntala is distressed alone in the forest for few years before fate and destiny brings her husband back to her agian.

Bonus story

Khushiram And His Freinds From The Forest