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Sagina - DVD

Director: Tapan Sinha

Music: S.D. Burman

Lyrics: Majrooh sultanpuri

Actor/ Actress: Dilip kumar, Saira banu, Aparna Sen and Anil Chatterjee

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For Sagina (Dilip Kumar), getting recognition of the dignity of labour is everything and for it, he will fight anyone, even the top management of an English company. Set against the backdrop of World War ll, Sagina is the story of a man whom neither his British employer nor the British police can break. Desperate, the management send Aniruddha (Anil Chatterjee) to create a rift between Sagina and the workers, for whom Sagina has become the symbol of their hopes and aspirations. Failing in his mission, Aniruddha persuades Sagina to move to Calcutta as a labour leader. Lalita (Saira Banu) pleads with Sagina not to fall into Aniruddha’s trap but she cannot make Sagina see through Aniruddha. As soon as Sagina leaves, the management retrench and humiliate the workers. They begin a whispering campaign that Sagina has turned traitor and become an agent of the company. Sagina returns home to find everyone but his loyal Lalita turned against him and his life’s work in ruins. Will Sagina be able to win back his comrades’ trust? Will he be able to make his dream of a better tomorrow for them come true?

Sagina is an intense human drama, underlined by yet another great performance by Dilip Kumar and the superb musical partnership of S. D. Burman and Majrooh Sultanpuri, resulting in such evergreen hits like "Saala Main to Sahab Ban Gaya", Tumhare Sang To Rain Beetayee" and "Aag Lage Hamri Jhopadiya Mein.