SAUDA the deal - DVD

SAUDA the deal - DVD
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Sauda the deal - dvd

Director: Ramesh Modi

Music: Aadesh Shrivastava

Actor/ Actress: Neelam, Sumeet Saigal, Vikash Bhalla

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Sauda is about a proposal, an indecent proposal indeed. jyoti, the only child of a rich media magnate gets married to Deepak, who apparently is poor. The marriage takes place against Jyoti's father's wishes as he feels Deepak is not the right man for her. Sometime after the marriage Deepak and Jyoti cannot make ends meet, to make things short, they go to the casino with all their money. Unfortunately they loose all of it. That night Jyoti is spotted by the rich oil billionaire Prakash who makes a proposal to Jyoti.