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Suhaag - DVD

Director: Kuku kholi

Music: Anand milind

Lyrics: Sameer

Actor/ Actress: Ajay Devgan, Akshay kumar, Karishma kapoor, Nagma, Aroona Irani, Suresh Oberoi

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Ajay & Raj are best friends studying in the same college. Pooja & Madhu are their respective girlfriends. Raj is from a rich family. He stays with his mamaji as his father lives in another town. Ajay lives with his widowed Mother & is poor economically. Raj treats Ajay's mother as his own mother & they share a brotherly relationship.One day Ajay is aghast to know that his mother is not a widow. He confronts her with accusations. The mother breaks down & reveals that his father is alive & is in jail. She tells him that his father Ravi Malhotra was an honest Doctor working at Rai Bahadur Hospital in a small town. One day he came to know that Rai Bahadur & some other Doctors at the Hospital were involve in human organs smuggling & the Hospital served only as front for their misdeeds. He threatened to unveil the truth to the world. Rai Bahadur used his position to turn the tables on him & frame him for the crime instead. He was sentenced to life imprisonment. As his father did not want to spoil Ajay's future & didn't want him to be known as a criminal's son, he asked Ajay's mother to leave the town & live elsewhere as a widow & made her promise that she would never tell Ajay that his father is alive & is in prison.On knowing the truth Ajay along with Raj goes to that town to fight Rai Bahadur & to release his father. In the course of their investigation it is revealed that Raj's father is also a key member of the Rai Bahadur clan & was involved in the framing of Ajay's father. Raj confronts his father who relents & agrees to expose the truth in court & help release Ajay's father. Rai bahadur counter attacks by killing Raj's father before he could go to court. How Ajay & Raj then fight Rai Bahadur & his gang & how they release Ajay's father from jail & bring justice forms the climax.