Sau din saas ke - DVD

Sau din saas ke - DVD
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Sau din saas ke

Director: Vijay Sadanah

Music: Kalyanji -Anandji

Acotr/ Actress: Reena toy, Raj Babbar, Lalita pawar

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Synopsis: Clashing of the mothers-in-law and daughter-in-law are well known through the ages.An eternal problem. 'Sau Din Saas Ke' is based on the same bitter reality of life. Sheela (Asha Parekh), the daughter-in-law of Bhavani Devi, is an obedient, never retaliating & dutiful daughter-in-law, sufferings at the hands of her mother-in-law right under the eyes of her very meek husband Mahesh (Siddharth Kak) who would never confront his all powerful mother. Prakash (Raj Babbar),the younger son, undergoing military training in Bombay, is also fully aware of his mother's atrocities and tortures inflicted on Sheela, but he doesnot dare to voice against her. The only people that house Bhavani Devi trusts is her daughter and her crafty husband Khoobchand. Khoobchand schemes to bring a notch girl in as Prakash's prospective bride and later loot the house and run away with the girl. His plans foil when Prakash falls in love with his colonel's daughter Durga (Reena Roy) and eventually marries her against his mother wishes. Durga is a very resolute girl. When she hears of Sheelas sufferings, she decides to takes up the challenge of staying with Bhavani Devi and end the tortures inflicted on Sheela. Sau Din Saas Ke' deals with a series of challenges that Bhavani Devi and Khoobchand meet at the hands of Durga, Till a stage comes when Durga is successful in making Bhavani Devi realise and repent the fact that she had been prejudiced against her own worthy sons and daughter-in-law and she had been manipulated by her crafty son-in-law Khoobchand. But at this stage the realisation is too late because Durga the saviour of this family and this house is struggling with life and death.