Sparsh - DVD

Sparsh - DVD
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Sparsh - DVD

Director: Sai paranjpye

Music: Kanu roy

Actor/ Actress: Naseeruddin Shah, Shabana Azmi, Sudha Chopra, Om puri

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Sparsh is as humane as its title. It is a love story with a kind of treatment and atmosphere, which gives the film its own freshness. Its theme of a blind institution is socially relevant and praiseworthy and yet the director refrains from preaching. The blind children - Their innocence - make the film very touching. Sai Paranjpe has treated the film with heart and soul- wit intimate and delicate touches. Naseeruddin shah gives a very natural performance, one of his best. Shabana too has done very well. Another fine performance comes from Mohan Gokhale. Sudha Chopra, Om puri and others supprot well. Music goes well with the mood of the film. Production and technical values go well with the theme.