Sarfarosh - DVD

Sarfarosh - DVD
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Sarfarosh - DVD

Director: Dasari narayan Rao

Music: Laxmi kant pyarelal

Actor/ Actress: Jeetendra, Sridevi, Chandavarkar, Pran, Asrani , Prem Chopra

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Jwala singh(Jeetendra), a revoluntionary fighting against British trynny, inspires many young men to become recolutionaries. The Brithish are alarmed. Even when his mother is hanged, jwala singh continues to fight the British. Arrested, he is exiled to the Andamans. Meanwhile, three traitors who are on the trail of a vast treasure hidden by a patriot, Raja Raghuvir singh, follw him to the Andamans, Kill him and frame jwala singh for the murder. When jwala singh went into exile, he left behind his pregnant wife sita. Years have passed. Jwala wants to restore his name and honour, a mission that makes him cross the path of his son Inspector Suraj. Does Jwala succeed? Are the traitors punished?