Elmo's World: Singing, Drawing & More - DVD

Elmo's World: Singing, Drawing & More - DVD
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Elmo's World: Singing, Drawing & More - DVD

Director: Ted Mat, Steve Feldman, Jim Martin

Producers: Arlene Sherman, Michael Loman

Starring: Jim Henson's Sesame street Muppet Performers, Kevin clash as Elmo, Matt Vogel, John Tartaglia, jim Martin, John Kennedy, Carmen Osbahr, Eric Jacobson.

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Join Sesame Street's curious red monster as he explores singing, dreawing and telephones! Elmo's world offers kids and adults a fresh and light - hearted take on the world around them. Each episode comes to life in Elmo's bright, exciting and very original room -the drawer, door, shade and TV all join in the fun. And he's even visited by a muppey opera diva nad a talking muppet phone! Also featuring Elmo's pet goldfish, Dorothy, the zany Mr. noodle and classic songs that will delight viewers of all ages.