Perfect Mis Match - DVD

Perfect Mis Match - DVD
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Perfect Mis Match - DVD

Director: Ajmal Zaheer Ahmad

Producer: Xperience Films

Music: Steven Gutheinz

Actor/ Actress: Anupam Kher, Boman Irani, Nandana Sen, Anubhav Anand

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Aman a talented young architect, raised by his Uncle has all the love and care a family could offer, even if he does take it for granted. While working towards his dream, his life takes a beautiful turn when he bumps into the perfect girl Neha, the two fall in lovoe and nothing seems able to come between them.

Nothing, that is , until comes times for their families to meet. Sparks fly. Every known disaster strikes when the hyper viberant MR. Bhalla and the rigidly vonventional Mr. Patel meet and their differences become hilarioulsy apparent. The two are woefully mismatched from the start. Disapproval inevitably comes when the two fathers lock horns, but the lovebirds, true to their feelings, are ready to do anything to make their dreams come true. They must find a way to bring their families together whch leads to comical series of misadventures of the two disapproving, faultfinding fathers.