What's Your Raashee? - DVD

What's Your Raashee? - DVD
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What's Your Raashee?- DVD

Director:Ashutosh Gowariker


Music:Sohail Sen

Lyrics:Javed Akhtar

Starring:Harman Baweja, Priyanka Chopra

Sub Titles in:English /Arabic

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Never before have the sun and the moon played such an important role in romance.What's Your Raashee? is the story of Yogesh Patel, a young man who in his heart has always wanted a love marriage. Till suddenly he is told that he must find his dream girl within ten days to save his family from utter ruin. Finding the dream girl is tough enough. Finding her in a hurry is even tougher. His solution is simple; he will meet one girl from each raashee – sun sign, as he feels that is the best way to make sure he finds a suitable wife, while also giving himself twelve chances to fall in love. Two meetings per day gives him six days to meet them, three days to make a final decision and he can get married on the tenth day, or so he thinks. Based on the Gujarati novel Kimball Ravenswood by Madhu Rye, What's Your Raashee? is Ashutosh Gowariker's first romantic comedy, starring Harman Baweja and Priyanka Chopra, and is produced by Ronnie Screwvala and Sunita A. Gowariker.