Bal Ganesh Krishna Hanuman - Animated DVD

Bal Ganesh Krishna Hanuman - Animated DVD
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Bal Ganesh Krishna Hanuman - DVD " Animated Stories"

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Inian Mythology is rich in stories and wisdom. The gods come into our lives trough the wonderful enchantment of the great mythological stories. Now let your kids vibe with the mighty gods of India, Ganesh, Krishna and Hanuman through tales about the childhood of these supernatural heros.

The elephant headed god Ganesh is the favourite of children as well as the common folk. Those who worship Ganesh before they undertake any venture are assured of success and wealth. The great deeds of Ganesh as a boy are vividly brought out in this video. The story of Ganesh acquiring a mouse as his vehicle and the protection Ganesh gives to a sage whose great gem is taken away by a prince are graphically illustrated here.

Lord Krishna's life as a kid in Gokula is filled with supernatural events and great charm. The way young krishna shows the entire universe in his mouth to his foster mother Yashodha and the pranks he plays while stealling butter from the houses in Gokula are brillantly narrated here. HTe playful manner in which krishna dispatches demons will beloved by children.

Hanuman's fame as a hero of the Ramayana is next day to that of Lord Rama himself. His childhood makes for some beautiful episodes in this video. See him perform pranks and sparking off a near war among the celestial. Just the fare that children will love to watch.