Mukti - DVD

Mukti - DVD
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Mukti - DVD

Starring: Sanjeev Kumar, Shashi Kapoor, Vidya Sinha, Deven Verma Subtitles: English Producer: Raj Yilak Movie Director: Raj Tilak

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All items are brand new Synopsis: Love has many faces.and its most beautiful is 'Mukti'. Happiness is the God given gift of a small family of three, Kailash (Shashi Kapoor), his wife Seema (Vidya Sinha) and their daughter Pinky. But one fine day misfortune strikes their little world of happiness when Kailash is separated from his family. Seema can never forget her husband, but raising her little daughter on her own is not easy. A noble soul Rattan (Sanjeev Kumar) offers her an honourable marriage and wishes to be a father to her daughter. As the years go by Rattan is the perfect father, he dotes on Pinky (Bindiya) who is now a lovely teenager. Rattan loves Seema but knows that she can never reciprocate his love as she still cherishes the memory of Kailash. A strange twist of fate snatches Kailash from the jaws of death and brings him back into their lives. Seema once again finds herself at the crossroads of life. On the one hand, there is Kailash who has suffered all these years and searched in desperation to be reunited with his family. On the other hand there is Rattan who selflessly accepted Seema and Pinky as his own and yearns for Seema to reciprocate. What will Seema do? The musical score of this film is well remembered for the hits "Lalla Lalla Lorie" and "Suhaani Chandni Raatein" composed by R.D.Burman to the lyrics by Anand Bakshi.