Maan - DVD

Maan - DVD
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Maan - DVD

Starring: Aamir Khan, Manisha Koirala, Sharmila Tegore Subtitles: English Producer: Indra Kumar, A. Thakeria Movie Director: Indra Kumar

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Karan dev singh(Amir khan) young, handsome, flamboyant, with a roving eye, ever on the lookout for the fresh conquests. Even being engaged to a biilliionaire's daughter doesnot matter to him. Coming back to India on a cruise ship, Karan bored without female company, was thrilled when he came across priya(Manisha Koirala). He worked his charm on her, but was snubbed. He had met his match. Her unassuming air attracted him and before either of them could realize they had become friends. But when they were away from each other their hearts gave out a different beat. They missed each other. They were in love. You should listen to your heart sometime.