Mahua - DVD

Mahua - DVD
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Mahua - DVD

Produced and Directed by : Bibhuti Mita

Music: Sonik Omi

Starring: Anjan, Shiv Kumar, premnath, Ulhas, Murad, Badriprasad, Janki Das, Jagdish Kamal, Rajan Kapoor

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The story of "MAHUA" begins from the day of Paramthesh's marriage. The bridal party arrives during day whereas the marriage was to be solemnised at night. In between the arrival of the bridal party and the actual marriage, a strange incident took place. The bridegroom Pramathesh, while sauntering at the 'guest house' all alone, suddenly hears Shehnai music that music mesmerises him-he gets all too lost in that ethereal music and like one hypnotised, soon himself face to face with a beautiful girl in a nearby dilapidated mansion, playing shehnai. Pramthesh whispers : "I have seen you before somewhere - can you tell me where?" The girl smiles and says : "In last birth" and so saying vanishes before Pramthesh's eyes....bewildered Pramthesh falls down unconscious....the incidents of last birth start taking shape in his blurred vision....Mahua was the daughter of a Pujari in a feudal estate.... the lascivious Rajkumar of that estate happened to see Mahua and from the very first sight fell madly for her. Mahua, on the other hand, loved a shehnai player Palash and because of her love for Palash she kept on ignoring Rajkumar for which act she had to pay very very dearly with her life. At a particular juncture, a gypsy girl Tani stepped into Palash's life and fell madly in love with him in her own selfless way. Rajkumar was mad after Mahua-Mahua was mad after Palash-Tani was mad after Palash. On one side was Rajkumar's earthly power-on other side was the burning love of two innocent souls-on the third side was Tani self sacrificing for Palash..... In this eternal tussel Rajkumar, inspite of all his pomp and power, had to succumb to the overpowering love of Mahua and Palash, whereas Tani had to sacrifice her life for Palash's ultimate happiness. Two souls, who could not be united in the last birth, eventually find peace and happiness in this birth.