Mujrim - DVD

Mujrim - DVD
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Mujrim- DVD

Director: O.P. Ralhan

Producer: F.C Mehra

Music: O.P. Nayyar

Starring:Shammi Kapoor, Ragini, Shubha Khote, Kamal Kapoor, Johnny Walker

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Just as the moon, even shrouded by dark clouds, retains the characteristics and qualities of a Moon, so is a man indulging alhough in manifold evils still cann't destroy his concience and the goodness in it. Shanker was looked upon by the law as an evil genius. Once in the darknees of the night, when he was being shadowed by the Police, he enters a Theatrical Company to save himself. That night in the theatre the people were waithing for the arival of famous writer "Anand". Amongst these anxious waitors was the famoous artist of the theatre "Uma".