Main Tulsi tere aangan ki - DVD

Main Tulsi tere aangan ki - DVD
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Main tulsi tere aagan ki - DVD

Movie Director: Raj Khosla

Producer: Raj Khosla

Starring: Vijay Ananad, Nutan, Asha Parekh, Vijay Anand

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Once upon a time there was a prostitute by the name of Vrinda who fell in love with lord Krishna. He was married and told her that he could not accept her love. She pleaded that she only wanted to be able to see him and her demand was not more than that. He told her that she could be near enough to see him but she should not break his home. Thus Vrinda came and stayed in his courtyard. Through centuries she became the symbol of the other woman who loves but does not break the house of her lover who is married. "Main Tulsi Tere Aangan Ki" is the story of one such woman who is the Vrinda of the present age. No, she goes further and sees to it that the home life of her beloved is not broken. "Tulsi" is the story of what happens when after "Tulsi" how the wife faces the onslaught of her won son against the son of "Tulsi". "Tulsi" is a poem of love that seeks no return. "Tulsi" is a song that sings of love and happiness.