Mrityudand - DVD

Mrityudand - DVD
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Mrityudand - DVD

Movie Director: Prakash jha

Producer: Prakash Jha

Starring: Madhuri Dixit, Shabana Azmi, Ayub Khan, Shilpa Shirodhkar Subtitles: English

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MLA Durga Pandey and Contractor Tirpat Singh are two corrupt villagers, who manipulate others to get what they want. Their main concern is to divide two brothers - namely Abhay Singh and his younger brother Vinay. They do succeed considerably, after Abhay renounces married life and takes on the celibate life of a temple priest, leaving his wife, Chandravati, alone, devastated, and dependent on Rambaran, a sympathetic villager. Vinay is in love with Ketki, and soon both get married. Ketki seeks to protect her husband from the growing influence of Tirpat Singh, but Vinay ignores her, and even physically abuses her, warning her not to interfere with his affairs. However, Vinay later realizes that Tirpat has taken advantage of his friendship and swindled him. Vinay is humbled, he apologizes to Ketki, and both of them put their resources together to do what then can to reclaim their property.