Mere Sanam - DVD

Mere Sanam - DVD
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Mere Sanam - DVD

Director: Amar Kumar

Producer: G.P. Sippy

Music: O.P. Nayyar

Starring: Asha parekh, Biswajeet, Pran, Rajendranath, Mumtaz

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Kumar (Biswajeet) is on a business trip in Kashmir and he falls in love with Neena (Asha Parekh) who’s here on a holiday. Kumar is shocked to discover that his guest house has been turned into a holiday home in his absence by his greedy manager, Shyam (Pran) and this is where Neena and her friends are staying! Kumar’s millionaire uncle also arrives here. This uncle has a tragic past – he lost his wife and baby daughter during the partition riots and has spent all his life yearning to be reunited with them. Shyam gets hold of some information that indicates that Neena is probably this long-lost daughter and he wants to marry Neena before the secret is out. He uses the services of the sultry Kamo (Mumtaz) to drive a wedge between the lovers. Events take a bizarre twist when Kamo is found murdered