Mela (Feroz Khan )- DVD-1960

Mela (Feroz Khan )- DVD-1960
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Mela (1960) - DVD

Actor/Actress : Feroz Khan, Sanjay Khan, Mumtaz, Lalita Pawar, Yunus Parvez and Rajendranath

Director Prakash Mehra

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Mela is the story of mans eternal fight against injustice perpetrated on him by society - but there have been two always types of people - those who take law into their own hands to avenge their sufferings and the other who choose the right means to fight for their rights - Shakti Singh and Kishan Singh are the symbols of these two divergent forces.

Panchamda (R. D. Burman) the music director, crafted two outstanding hit songs for this film, “Gori ke haath mein, jaise ye chhala” and “Ruth hai Milan ki saathi mere aa re” by the ‘Samrat’ Mohamad Rafi, and the ‘Living Legend’ Lata Mangeshkar.