Maine Dil Tujko Diya - DVD

Maine Dil Tujko Diya  - DVD
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Maine Dil Tujko Diya - DVD

Director: Bunty walia and sohail khan

Producer: Sohail Khan

Music: Daboo malik

Starring: Sohail Khan, sameera Reddy, Sanjay Dutt

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When life poses the questions, love provides the answers. Hopefully! His life was a series of aimless fights. But always as protector of sorts. This earned him the unstinted loyalty of his friends, who caled themselves the Aryans. His name was Ajay. And when he met Ayesha, he knew what he was missing in life.

For bhaijaan, life was ruthless game until he met Ajay. The course of true love is often stormy. But with every pobstacle, Ajay and Ayesha's determination to be together seemed to grow manifold. But when Bhaijaan became the bostacle, with his muscle and money power, the contest would be one sided. But Ajay had something in him, something that made a difference and everything changed. What was the something in Ajay, that changed everything in this story of passion, love, action and daring? See the