Master - DVD

Master - DVD
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Master - DVD

Director: Suneil Anand

Music: Viju Shah

Lyrics: Rajesh Johri

Cast: Suneil Anand, Leher Kala, Grand Master Sifu Leung Ting

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Master is a modern day story of a young teenager, Ravi, hailing from a royal family in India. His father is the Maharaja of Onpur. The Rajah has two advisers- Vishnu a straight forward and honest man and Kailash Choudhary and overly ambitious man. K.C decides he has had enough of the Rajah and his ways and he hatchses a plan to eliminate the rajah and his only son Ravi K. C. convinces the Rajah that he has arranged for his teenage son to be trained in a martial art school in Hong Kong under a famous instructor. At first the Rajah is reeluctant to send him, however K.C. conviences him that it would make a man of the young boy. Ravi is packed off to Hong Kong not Knowing that K.C. and his men have planted drugs in his baggage. On Arrival in Hong Kong, the drugs ....