Maa Kasam - DVD

Maa Kasam - DVD
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Maa Kasam - DVD

Director: Shibu Mitra

Producer: Vikas and Veena Sharma

Music: Bappi lahiri

Starring: Mithun Chakraborty, Divya Rana, Ranjeet, Amad Khan, pran, Kim

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Balwant is an ex-convict and former jailbird. He returns home after completing his sentence, and finds out that the wealthy Thakur has a treasure stashed away nearby with a map enclosed in a diamond ring. he kills the Thakur and hiss young son, but is unable to retrieve the ring. He sets about to find the ring, and instead ends up killing his wife. His dying wife, takes her youg son, Dharma, and asks the Thakurain to take care of him as if he were her own, to which she agrees. Balwant is re-arrested and senteced to a long jail term. Years later, Dharma has grown to be a honest, hard working young man under Thakurains's care. Then chaos breaks out in their orderly lives when a con man named chakradhari enters their town, and this situation is aggravated when balwant completes his sentence and returns to find the ring and claim the mcp to the treasure. The question is who is in possession of the ring?