Mahal - DVD

Mahal - DVD
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Mahal - DVD

Director: Kamal Amrohi

Producer: Ashok Kumar & Savak Vacha

Music: Khemchan Prakash

Starring: Ashok Kumar, madhbala, Vijay Laxmi, Kumar

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Shankar (Ashok Kumar) moves into a deserted mansion, which has a tragic history and is immediately plunged into an eerie nightmare. He sees a portrait of a beautiful woman and learns that she was the former ownerís mistress, Kamini (Madhubala,) who died mysteriously. He becomes obsessed with her and she begins to haunt him, appearing and disappearing at will. The gardener who works in the mansion has a daughter, who is the mirror image of Kamini. Kaminiís ghost tells Shankar that if they are to be united, he must marry the gardenerís daughter, Asha (Madhubala) who is Kaminiís reincarnation. Shankar is losing his sanity and his friend compels him to marry another woman, Ranjana (Vijayalakshmi). But even this does not restore Shankarís peace of mindÖ


sngam Bhavan an old palace, has acquired the reputation of being a hanted house as years age a Raja had built it for his beloved queen Kaminni, but he was murdered on his wedding night. The queen waiting for Raja to return till she died.

Shankar, whose father bought this place, moves into the place and the nitice his resemblacnce to a partrait of the raja and sees the ghost of Kamini who tells he must either die if they are to be united or tht he must marry her reincarnation, the gardener's daughter Asha.