Maalamaal - DVD(Comedy)

Maalamaal - DVD(Comedy)
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Maalamaal- DVD

Director: Kewal Sharma

music: Annu Malik

Producer: Bipen k. Dewan

Starring: Naseerudin Shah, poonam Dhillon, Mandakani, Aditya Pancholi

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Raj (Naseeruddin Shah) is a slum dweller, who one day comes to know that he has inherited the business and property from his grand-father worth 3.3 billion Indian rupees. Stunned and delighted at the same time, he gleefully arrives at his former grand-father's estate to claim his inheritance, only to be told that there is a clause attached: which is that he must spend 300 Million rupees in 30 days or else risk losing his inheritance altogether. How can a slum dweller who has never held a thousand rupees in his hands on any given day, be expected to spend 10 million a day?