Laat Saheb - DVD

Laat Saheb - DVD
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Laat Saheb - DVD

Director: Hari Valia

Music: Shanker Jaikishan

Actor/Actresses: Shammi Kapoor, Nutan, Rajinder Nath, Lalita Pawar, Om Prakash

Subtitles: English

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A woodcutter, Jangu lives a poor lifestyle in Kashmir along with his widowed mother, who fears that he is going to die soon after Dassera. She keeps on praying for his well-being and safety, and cautions him to be careful all the time. But Jangu does quite the opposite, gets into fights, even kills a man-eating tiger, and romances his employer's daughter, Nikki, after risking his life and rescuing her twice. Nikki too falls in love with him, much to the chagrin of her estate Manager, Prem, who is the choice of her wheelchair-bound dad. Circumstances will compel Jangu's mother to change her mind about his long life and safety, and she not only curse but also viciously assault, and wish him dead.