Lambardarni - DVD - Punjabi Movie

Lambardarni - DVD - Punjabi Movie
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Lambardarni - DVD Punjabi Movie

Director: Veerendra

Actor/Actresses: Dara Singh, Veerendra, Asha Parekh, Aruna Irani

Subtitles: English

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Synopsis: Lambardarni is the tale of life long friendships and life long enemies. The story revolves around two friends, one good and the other evil, who cannot be seperated by anyone. That is until the wrongdoing Sohan Lal rapes the wife of his friend Dhaymaya's servant. In a fit of rage, Dharmaya kills Sohan Lal and is sentenced to death. Many years pass by and both men's sons become grown men. It quickly becomes evident that the fruit does not fall from the tree as Dharmaya's boys grow to be hardworking trucker and a farmer. On the other hand, Sohan's son is just as evil as his father despite being raised in England. Watch the action and drama as the second generation continues where their father's left off. Will death and destruction be th eonly solution to this war? Or can their mother's end the madness between the families? Watch this comedic action flick to find out!