Nadiya Ke Paar - DVD - 1980

<b>Nadiya Ke Paar - DVD - 1980</b>
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Nadiya Ke Paar - DVD

Director: Govind Moonis

Music/ Lyrics: ravindra Jain

Actor/ Actress: Sachin, Sadhana Singh, Mitali

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Chandan was a born tease who met his match in Gunja. Anything Chandan could do better, and from such interesting beginnings is true love often born. Roopa, wife of Chandan's elder brother Onkar, being in the family way, summoned her young sister Gunja to come 7 help with the houshold chores. Happies were those days for Chandan & Gunja, and their youthful love blossomed. but fate intervened, and Roopa was killed in an accident.

The elders of both families decided to marry Gunja to Onkar. The bridegroom's party came to claim Gunja's hand in marriage and her world all at once collapsed ...and ehilst going through the wedding ceremonies she collapsed. Chandan now could not keep away from her. He went to see her & tell her of the reasons for having preferred to keep silent. He urged Gunja also to help him in saving the situation. Onkar overheard their conversation and could not bear that the innocent youngsters should sacrifice their love for the sake of his happiness. He set thing right. When Gunja crossed the river to go to her new home, it was dream come true.