Nakhuda - DVD - 1980

<b>Nakhuda - DVD - 1980</b>
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Nakhuda - DVD

Director: Dilip Naik

producer; Yash Chopra

Music: Khayyam

Lyrics: Nida Fazil

Actor/ Actress: Kulbhushan Kharbadanda, Raj Kiran, Swrrop Sampat, Madan Puri

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Yet another memorable film from the Yashraj Films stable, Nakhuda is the story of how in the darkest despair blooms the sweetest flowers of love and hope. For Ravi (Raj Kiran), despairing that he never be able to pay off his debts, hope was in Shaikhoo Dada (Khulbhushan Kharbanda) who lends him the money and what Ravi gives Shaikhoo in the way of love and affection is something that no amount of money can ever pay back. More flowers of happiness bloom as Ravi gets a job and marries Sonia (Swaroop Sampat), the daughter of the wealthy Seth Jagannath (Madan Puri). As Ravi gains success, he never forgets the man he worships, Shaikoo. But Seth Jagannath cannot accept that his son-in-law should hold an illiterate, poor man as his God and slowly begins to deviously sow seeds of dissension between Shaikhoo Dada and Ravi. Shaikhoo Dada realizes this will tear Ravi's world apart and starts deliberately creating circumstances where Ravi will lose all respect for him. And where once there was worship, now there is loathing. Will Ravi ultimately discover the truth, will he once more find his God? Yash Raj Films Presents a Yash Chopra film Nakhuda