Nazar Ke Samne - DVD

Nazar Ke Samne - DVD
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Nazar Ke Samne - DVD

Director: Jagdish A. Sharma

Music: Mahesh Kishore

Lyrics: Anwar Sagar

Actor/ Actress: Akshay Kumar, Farheen, Mukesh Khanna, ektaa, Dalip Thahil

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Synopsis: When the editor of a newspaper is murdered, press photographer Umesh is charged with the murder. The renowned advocate S S Sahani (Mukesh Khanna) appears as defense counsel for Umesh. Due to false witness given by Jay (Akshay Kumar) Umesh gets the death sentence. Umesh’s sister Sarita (Farheen) narrates the sorry tale of her family to Jay and he repents for his actions. Both set out to track down the real culprit with the help of Chhamiya (Ekta) a prostitute and Badshah Khan (Kiran Kumar).