Nayee Padosan - DVD

Nayee Padosan - DVD
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Nayee Padosan - DVD

Director: B.H. Tharunkumar

Producer: Nikhil Panchaymiya

Music; Shankar-Eshaan-Loy

Actor/ Actress: Rahul Bhatt, Vikas Kalantri, Anju Sawhney, Aslam Khan

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Our story revolves around four guys Raju (Anuj Sawhney) who is the first one to fall for the Padosan as she comes to stay next door. Raja (Aslam Khan) is a city slicker completely influenced by the music of Ricky Martin and Michael Jackson who are his ideals but falls for the Padosan after being defeated by her in a music competition. Mesmerized by the Padosan he starts taking music lessons from her just to find a way to her heart. The last to join the troupe is Prabhu (Rahul Bhatt) who is not what he looks like and he too falls for the Padosan. The apple of the eyes of these guys is the Padosan (Mahek), a simple college going girl with an engaging personality. She comes from a South Indian background and moves in the new colony with her dad who is a guru of classical music. The guys try their best to outwit each other so as to win the girl under consideration. But only one will get the girl and who will it be? Wait and watch Nayee Padosan that spreads the noble sentiment of loving your neighbours.