Naina - DVD- 1970

<b>Naina - DVD- 1970</b>
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Naina - DVD

Director: Kanak Mishra

Producer: Balubhai Shah

Music: Shanker Jaikishan

Actor/ Actress: Sahashi Kapoor, Maushumi chatterji, Rajshree

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Ravi was a poet in search of love. HE was brought up by his father Raja bansilal under strict discipline. The poet in Ravi revolted and he set out to find love elsewhere Lotus- eyed Naina was a girl born on the wrong side of society. Ravi saw her and lost his heart to her. He virtually tried to but Naina's love. But he loved and lost. Then came Jyoti, light of love na dhope, full of devation, self, confidence and love. She offered ravi anthe love tahat he was hankering for, Ravi tried his level best ot come out of the gloom that engulfed him....