Nausherwan - E - Adil - DVD

Nausherwan - E - Adil - DVD
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Nausherwan-E-Adil - DVD

Director: Sohrab Modi

Music:C. Ramchandra

Actor/ Actress: Raaj Kumar, Mala Sinha, Naseem, Murad, Agha

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The sheep drank water with the wolf. His goodness & justice were such that people called him Nausherwan(immortal Fame)' In Iran, Nausherwan ruled with the keenest sense of Justice. Sacrified his all al its Altar. He offered his people a code of justice, pure and simple- ' no one shall do any wrong to the other'. The offenders shall be awarded examplary punishment. And in dispensing justice, The mighty and the humble shall be eqal in the eyes of law.'But then, something terrible happened. His own principles hplaced him into a very distressing and embrassing position. It had completely robbed him of the peace of his mind.....