Nagin - DVD-1960s

<b>Nagin - DVD-1960s</b>
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Nagin - DVD

Director: Mandlal jaswantlal

Producer: Filmistan Ltd

Music: Hemant Kumar

Actor/ Actress: Vyajanthimala, Pradeep Kumar, Jeevan, Mubarak, S. L. puri, Ram Avtar, Krishna Kumari

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Nagin is a romantic tale fo Mala and Sanatan. They belong to two different tribes, Nagis and Ragis living in the hilly distrcists of India. The man profession of these tribes is catching sankes and selling poison. On a Basant Mela day, Ragis find out that they are cheated by Nagis of their profits from the sale of poison and decide to carry on they trade independently,. This stars a rivery...