Nastik - DVD -1954

<b>Nastik - DVD -1954</b>
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Nastik - DVD - 1954

Director: IS Johar

Music: C. Ramchandra

Actor/ Actress: Ajit, Nalini Jayant

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Synopsis: ANIL is one of the victims who suffer in the holocaust of religious riots that follow partition. He loses his parents and is stripped of his fortune though he manages to reach the Indian border with his younger sister Kamla and ailing baby brother Munna. God is just, He protects the innocent and punishes the guilty; that is what Anil had believed, but where was God today, when those claiming to speak in His name were inciting man to become a beast. Wounded in mind and body and almost penniless, he seeks shelter in a dharamshala. Here his wounds are widened all the more by the hypocrisies of the so-called men of God. At the dharamshala his brother's condition suddenly becomes worse and at the instance of Kamla, he reluctantly goes to a nearby temple and requests the Mahant to come to the dharamshala and recite 'Ram-Jap' by the side of his dying brother. Anil being poor, the Mahant refuses to oblige and abuses him. Thereupon, Anil tries to take him by force but the Mahant raises a hue and cry and gets him arrested for attempted robbery. Anil does not get justice and is sentenced to one year's hard labour. By this time his brother dies. This enrages him and he takes a vow to avenge himself upon the Mahant for the death of his brother. Kamla, without anybody's help is reduced to beggary and is saved from suicide by an apparently kind 'rais ' called Kumar Sahib who compels her to take the profession of a dancing girl to suit his own ends. On his release from jail, Anil finds Kamla dancing at a party organised by Kumar Sahib. On seeing Anil, Kamla vainly explains to him the circumstances which forced her to adopt this profession but Anil is bitterly sorry at this and leaves her in a temper. Later on, Anil realises that Kamla is innocent and hastens to meet her only to find her dead she having committed suicide in despair of losing the love of her dear brother Anil is shocked at this and swears vengence on Kumar Sahib, the man responsible for this tragedy. At the same time his faith in the Almighty is completely and finally shattered. Mahant, aware of Anil's vow of vengence, leaves the city on the pretext of going on a pilgrimage. He is accompanied by his devotee Ranima the mother of Kumar Sahib. Later Kumar Sahib also joins them and they go from one tirth to another closely followed by Anil. Ramma is the young and beautiful daughter of the Mahant. One day while she is praying to the sun god, the flowers she offers fall at the feet of Anil who happens to pass that way and falls in love with him as she takes him to be the God-sent answer to her prayers. Anil at first pays no attention to her but as soon as he learns that she is the daughter of the Mahant who has wronged him, he plans to take revenge. He pretends his vow of revenge on the Mahant? How does it affect Ramma? What fate awaits Kumar Sahib? Will Anil ever be won back to the fold of millions who have faith in the Almighty?