Nastik - DVD-Amitabh

<b>Nastik - DVD-Amitabh</b>
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nastik - DVD -Amitabh

Director: Pramod Chakraborty

Producer: Vinod Doshi

Music: kalyanji Anandji

Actor/ Actress: Amitabh Bachchan, Hema Malini , Pran, Deven Verma, Amjad Khan

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He who does not believe in God is known as Nastik. This is the story of on esuch person. As a young boy Sheru(Amitabh) withness the murder of his father, a village priest and his mother nad sister at the hands of Tiger(Amjad Khan) being raised the son of a priest he is outraged that his family is destroyed right in front of the temple of God. WHile he does nothing Angry at fate he renounces God and takes to the life of the streets, awaiting the day he can take revenge!