Naseeb -DVD - Govinda

<b>Naseeb -DVD - Govinda</b>
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Naseeb - DVD

Director: Kriti Kumar

Producer: Vinay Kumar Sinha

Music: nadeem Shravan

Actor/ Actress: Govinda, Mamta Kulkarni

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This is a love story. A man's desire are always not fulfilled. Krishna is a poor man. he meets with Pooja. He feels, he has got everything in life. Destiny plans a different role. Krishna for his love from poor becomes rich. But if you are not destined, it';s not possible to get what you desire. Krishna though rich cannot win his love. He has to sacrifice a lot on the way. We all pray to god, but everybody's prayer are not always heard. That's the game of destiny watch it on big screen! the fame of destiny.